Pianist – Sänger – Jazz – Gospel – Pop – Blues

Fountain Projects

The Fountain formations were founded in the summer of 2018 by Dirk Raufeisen and Kirsten Raufeisen. Götz Ommert on double bass and Marcel Hochstrasser on drums provide a unique sound, characterised by rhythmic perfection and a distinct feel for melodies.

Dirk Raufeisen and singer Tommie Harris have known each other since 1988 and have been working together continuously and congenially since then.

Tommie grew up with gospel and blues music and is one of the few singers who still know how to reproduce traditional styles in their original way.

In the foreground are the three-part vocal arrangements. Kirsten, Dirk and Tommie produce a homogeneous and rhythmically self-contained sound. The groovy arrangements are especially well-received and go down a hit with the audience.

Blues Fountain:
– Blues
– Boogie Woogie
– Rock n‘ Roll
– Jazz
Gospel Fountain:
– Traditional
– Spiritual
– Gospel
– Contemporary

Dirk Raufeisen is one of Europe’s best gospel, blues and jazz pianists. His piano playing is characterised by technical perfection and a bluesy feeling that gets under your skin.

Götz Ommert (b) and Marcel Hochstrasser (dr) complement Dirk`s piano playing in an incomparable way and thus provide a unforgettable groove.

Kirsten Raufeisen shines vocally with her crystal-clear voice, as well as on the piano both solo or four-handed with Dirk.

Tommie Harris began his musical career at a young age as a gospel singer. He came to Europe in the early 70s with the US Army and eventually made Germany his home. He toured Europe with Luther Allison’s last live band and with many international blues greats such as Big Jay McNeely, Al Copley, Red Holloway, Maisha Grant, and Gene „Mighty Flea“ Conners to name but a few. In 1987 Tommie Harris also received the well-deserved recognition in his home country by being inducted into the „Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame“.