Pianist – Sänger – Jazz – Gospel – Pop – Blues

Keys & Pipes

Piano and church organ combined – a special kind of sound!
Traditional yet modern, classic combined with swing.

The pianist Dirk Raufeisen and the organist Kirsten Kunkel take well-known chorales and organ pieces and reinterpret them in a style inspired by jazz and gospel music. This breathes life into old melodies giving them a new timbre and an unique groove, with plenty of room for improvisation.

Furthermore, synthetic sounds and backing tracks add a special touch. Further variety arises when the two musicians change instruments or play four-handed on one instrument. Vocal interludes round off the program.

Kirsten Kunkelhas been immersed in music since childhood. She started piano lessons at ten. Three years later she completed a church organ training programme and has been working as an organist ever since. Furthermore, she is active as a pianist, keyboard player and singer in formations of different styles – from sophisticated spiritual music of all epochs to gospel, pop, folk and chansons as well as swing, jazz and blues. Kirsten has contributed to several CD productions as a singer and studio musician. She is a member of the Bern Association of Organists (BOV) and the Berner Kantorei.

Dirk Raufeisen started classical piano lessons at the age of eight. He very quickly developed a preference for pop music and covered well-known hits true to the original. At the beginning of the 80s he joined his first jazz band. With great passion he studied the old jazz masters and in 1988 he entered the international jazz scene at the „International Jazzfestival At Sea“. Since then he has developed his own projects and has played together with well-known jazz greats. His style is characterised by technical perfection and a real feel for harmony and melody.

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