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Jazzfingers Trio

Jazzfingers was founded in 1992 by Dirk Raufeisen and Götz Ommert. The CD „Run For Fun“ was recorded immediately afterwards in Dirk Raufeisen’s Diraton recording studio. Dirk and Götz were, and still are, extremely passionate about the Oscar Peterson Trio, whose music inspired the two musicians to include numerous arrangements in their repertoire. To this day, their style, characterised by precise technique combined with bluesy elements, is the focus of Jazzfingers‘ music. Modern influences from pop music enrich the programme in a special way. Since 1994, various musicians have accompanied the duo on drums or guitar to form the Jazzfingers Trio.

Dirk Raufeisen is one of the best and most versatile musicians in Europe. Born in Hanau/Main in 1966, he came into contact with music at an early age through his father, Lothar. At the age of 6, he started playing the guitar; piano, bass and drums quickly followed. Over the years, Dirk has worked with world-famous jazz greats. His musical style is characterised by technical perfection, a intuitive feel for melodies and an extreme love of playing. This is particularly evident in his solo programme „From the Beatles to Oscar Peterson“. Numerous radio and television broadcasts bear witness to his skills. In 2011 he founded the „Dirk Raufeisen Singers“ in Berne together with his manager Walter Däppen.

Götz Ommert, born in Frankfurt/Main in 1960, studied classical double bass at Dr. Hoch’s Conservatory in Frankfurt. He grew up in a musical house: his father, Horst Ommert, was an active pianist in the Frankfurt jazz scene of the 50s. At 6 years old, Götz started piano lessons. At 17 he became interested in the bass guitar and had his first public performance with his father and with his brother Heiko on saxophone. Shortly afterwards he switched to the double bass. His professionalism and exceptional technique make him one of the most sought-after double bass players on the German jazz scene.

Gregor Beck was born on 26.04.1958 in Ravensburg. He started playing the guitar at the age of nine, before he changed to „his“ instrument at 17. He gained band experience immediately in a country & western / rock band and took lessons at the Musikhaus Lange (Ravensburg) with Giovanni della Monica, who prepared him for his studies at the Leopold Mozart Conservatory in Augsburg within a year. In 1981 he qualified as an orchestra musician and music teacher. Gregor Beck is now one of the most respected percussionists in Europe. He has made a name for himself through numerous tours in Europe, North America (more than 30 times) and in the Far East, from TV appearances, radio recordings, jazz cruises, and participation in well-known jazz festivals. His technique, which on the one hand displays impressive drive and spectacular technique, and on the other hand reveals an incredibly swinging and sensitive style, is remininscent of Beck’s great idols: Big Sid Catlett, Jo Jones, Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich.


  • Run For Fun (1992)
  • Live im Luitpold (1994)
  • Enigma (1997)
  • Tantivy (2000)
  • All Blues (2007)
  • Things Ain‘t What They Used To Be (2020)

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